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Petlas Features

Petlas is a global database of over 100,000 pet-related locations and services. See everything pet-related on a map – anywhere in the world! Travelling with your pets has never been easier!

Pet-Friendly Locations

Find pet-friendly hotels, camp grounds, restaurants, bars, cafés - you name it! The easiest and fastest way to find out where your pet is welcome.

Veterinary Practices

With over 50,000 vet practices listed worldwide, see exactly where the nearest vet is to you. A necessity in an emergency!

Pet Supplies & Services

Looking for pet supplies? Or a pet-related service such as grooming? See it all on the map in seconds!

Danger Alerts

Help fellow pet owners keep their furbabies safe by letting them know of any hazards you encounter - such as smashed glass or a dangerous weed growing in the park.

Parks & Beaches

Discover parks, new trails, and dog-friendly beaches with the Petlas app! Keep things exciting and fresh for both you and your furry companion!

Add New Locations

Help make the world a more pet-friendly place by sharing your own discoveries and adding new locations to the map!

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