The Team

Co-Founder / Director

Stephanie Thomas

I have a colourful background in psychology, graphic design, and marketing. I love bringing my creative flair to the table in everything I do! Harley is my pride and joy, and the muse behind all things Petlas. We even have a Youtube channel together called “Girl And The Travelling Dog“! I want to make the world a more pet-friendly place for him.


Co-Founder / CTO

Didier Smith

I started programming when I was thirteen, and quickly developed a wide breadth of abilities with the machine. I studied software engineering at the University of Waterloo, and used to work in Silicon Valley before leaving to motorcycle the world! My other interests include photography and digital marketing.


Business Development

Evelyn Hays

I grew up in Los Angeles, but moved to Scotland to study at the University of Edinburgh. Having had to leave my two beloved family dogs at home to go to university, I know how hard it can be to leave your pets behind when you travel. That’s why I’m working with Petlas to make it easier for pets to come with their families on all of their adventures!


dog friendly

The Muse


Harley is an Australian Kelpie from Melbourne Down Under. He was rescued by Stephanie in 2012 and, following the longest flight ever, has since travelled with her around Europe and the UK. He is the real genius behind Petlas!